Monday, 31 August 2015

Tribute to a Loved One

You loved with deep colour;
With passion and with ardour;
Your love that's about real love;
When it pained today;
It was a bit more than usual.

Love that's about real love;
I don't know what has happened;
I just know;
That it's a bit more than usual;
Your love is about real love.

I wonder if it happened the same to you;
And say it happened to me more;
But the smile in your eyes tells me you care;
What we share is filled with fun and spontaneity;
That your love is real and beautiful.

As if my sleep has broken for the first time;
And I've seen the morning rubbing my eyes;
Though I keep light, but your love shone more;
Keeping brightness in me like the moon above;
Your love is about real deep love.

I don't know why;
But the fear of losing you became greater;
Which is more than just love, that kind of love;
Love with deep colour, with passion and with ardour;
Love that's about real love is my "Tribute to You".
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