Sunday, 18 October 2015


At last I made time to watch the movie "Unconditional". This movie was recommended to me back in college by my friend. She gave me the notion that it is one of the most inspiring movies she has ever watched, and that it is a must-watch movie, but it took me some time before I finally decided to watch it. Throughout the duration of the movie, the feeling was overwhelmingly sensational. And to think that this was inspired by the true life story of Joe Bradford, was for me, the icing on the cake.

                                                                                  right: Joe Bradford

This movie talk about a wonderful energetic black boy and a white girl whose path crossed at a very tender age. They were destined to become each others keeper, but life presented each of them with their share of challenges. As time passed, they grew up and they grew apart. It would be many years before they are united again.
For the girl, life is to be so beautiful, so full of magic and possibilities. She would sit for hours drawing and dreaming up of crazy stories to tell her friends.
She thought her stories would inspire the world, and make it a better place somehow. She was such a dreamer. And for a while, it seemed like all her dreams were coming true. Her husband was her world, the man of her dreams. But her dreams was quickly shattered. The killer didn't just take her husband's life. He took her's too. She soon lost her hope and will to go on. She use to dream of telling stories, but she never thought this is what would become of her own story. What use to be a hopeful little girl, became a woman with a dead soul, full of despair.
All young Joe wanted to do is to become a warrior and save the world. Even at that young age, he knew he was one of a kind.
For any child, to grow up without your father is an enormous challenge. That was the story of Joe, but he  found solace in the company of his grandma and new found friend, Sam.
Joe went to college and even finished top of his class in computer engineering, and had a job lined up for him in one of the famous tech companies, IBM. But before he could even graduate, Joe was handed eight years prison sentence.
It was in prison that Joe had the most powerful realization of his life. Soon enough, Joe was given forty days and forty nights in solitary confinement. In his loneliness, in the darkest place of all, Joe found God. He felt God's love in his life. His destiny, which is to be a warrior and help save the world was redefined. Joe found a purpose to live for. He started to share that love which God has give to him with the kids.

This movie really made me cry. It is such a masterpiece and it made me to deeply  reflect on God's love, friendship, and family.
A few things I have picked up from this inspirational movie;

Indeed love is the most powerful thing on earth that can do amazing things. There's truly enough love to go around if only we can begin to share.   

Secondly, we all struggle to find the right path to take in life. It is not always easy to know what that is or where it would lead us. In the end, it is the people in our lives that provide us with the right balance to help us make it through.

That the future will reach each of us in different ways. sometimes it will take your breath away. Sometimes it may be different from the version you have planned.
But through it all, it is our faith in God that open the door for God's power to work in our lives.
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