Monday, 3 August 2015

Everyon's Spellbound

Those looks, the complexion;
The attitude;
You're a real beauty;
Everyone's spellbound.

You added the zest to life;
You added the glow to light;
It's a new ambience;
A new breeze blowing.

You're new, so is your attitude;
Your tresses, your picking eyes;
They are so amazing;
You're everyone's spellbound.

You wear the stars around your neck;
And the moon on your forehead;
You wish to dwell, the entire ocean in your eyes;
I wonder why the heart desires you.

Some think am crazy;
I don't care;
All I know;
The heart searches for a way.

You gave colour to life;
You gave energy to life;
You gave enthusiasm;
Everyone's spellbound.

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