Friday, 26 June 2015

I Want You Back

Seeing you last night;
The memories came back in my head;
It then occurred to me;
Now that you are with me;
I realized I've made a mistake;
Sorry for the mistake I've made.

I thought that I needed to take a break;
And I just let things fall apart;
But seeing you  again;
I realized how much I needed you;
Please come back;
Because it's never the same without you.

I've got to get you back now;
Because I needed you here today;
This time I'll give you my all;
I'll give it all;
Give me one more chance;
This time I'll be a man.

I've gone round the places;
But none I've seen come close to you;
I've always thought of you;
How different things would have been;
I've always prayed for you;
I've prayed for your return.

I go to the bar every night;
Looking to have a good time;
But each time, I go back empty handed;
And am still alone in my mind;
What will it take to have you back;
Come with me tonight.

Now that I know;
What can I do to make it right;
Because I want you by my side;
This time I'll give you my all;
I'll give it all;
Give me one more chance;
This time I'll be your man. 

Thursday, 25 June 2015

My Motherland

For generations
My forefathers have called you home
There were times you made me cry
And there were times you made me laugh.

It has not always been smooth
We've had our ups and downs
But one lesson you've taught us
Throw not our hands in despair.

Having been taken for granted
There's often reason for drama and chaos
It's had to believe
That you're the land of the unforgotten heroes.

When it comes to football
You're a real treasure island
Above all things
The beautiful game unites us.

Though i want to depart
Whenever I rise
You remind me of hope
It's clear we belong together.

There's no place I'd rather be
No matter where I go
One thing remains true
You'll always be my home.

Wherever I go
Prints of you shall I leave behind
Bestowed with strength and understanding
I've embraced every challenge.

You told me of courage and hope
I belong to you
And you belong to me
You're my home; my motherland.