Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Finding Hope Again

She was lost slipping on the tears she shed;
Her faith consumed by darkness;
Besieged in pain by the injury that bled;
And a resolution to make herself callous.

The river in her had gone dry;
Her feelings no longer moved;
She has lost all motivation and desire to cry;
And her voice was no longer heard.

Hesitation devoured her;
Magniloquence devoured her;
Then hope embraced her;
And now she has found peace.

Always questioning the light at the end;
When she was passing through a long dark cave;
And as the dark was growing, she wondered if this was her end.
But not was the spark that embraces something called hope.

She escaped the darkness with a rope of life;
And she found renewed hope and the will to go on;
Then she heard again those very same pieces of music;
The ones that blessed with poetic view.

Her heart was whole again as things were once again how they were;
And the sun shines brightly whilst the breeze is blowing;
An ambiance so pure like the angels in serenade;
And until death, the thought of reaping what was once sowed gave her hope again.

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