Friday, 16 September 2016

Action vs Inspired Action

Often times, a lot of us wonder why some few people are more successful in their endeavour, or seems to be very successful at whatsoever they lay their hands on. Some are even of the view that these group of people who seems to be successful in their field of endeavour, are simply more gifted or more endowed with some form of supernatural ability which is beyond the reach of the less successful people. This misconstrued perception that some people are gifted whilst others are not is something of a phantom. I believe that every human being who is on the face of this earth is gifted with some form of ability. There's no denial of the fact that we all have varying abilities. The difference in what makes some successful and others less successful isn't some supernatural or gifted ability which is beyond the rich of others.

Here's what it is, these successful people have an understanding of the law of attraction - thus they understand that the universe is working in their favour. The word action means different things to these two groups (those who are struggling/unsuccessful and those who are successful).

To those who are struggling, the word action means work. But to the more successful people, it is actually called "Inspired Action." To the first group, action means work because they are trying so hard to make things happen. They are people who probably have dreams of their own but doubt that these dreams can be lived. They fear taking risk and charting thier own course. Instead, they are more of conformists.
To the more successful people, action means hobby. They don't try had to make things happen. It happens effortlessly. "It's like a fast flowing river, moving in a certain direction. When you are trying to make things happen, it will feel as if you are going against the directional flow of the river. For inspired action, you will feel as if you are flowing with the current of the river. That's is the feeling when action is inspired

When action is inspired, time stops and you could do it all day and not be concerned about the commensurate reward because your satisfactions is in the action.

The universe, through the law of attraction, gives us this understanding and it's for us to move with this understanding. This universal phenomenon is not skewed towards any particular person or group of persons, neither does it delay. Don't second guess, don't doubt. when the opportunity is there, when the impulse is there, when the intuitive nudge from within is there, act. That is your job. And that's where the difference lies.
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