Tuesday, 7 July 2015

My Crazy Heart

Oh, my heart;
It keeps sighing;
Broken promises linger in my mind;
But all it ever wanted;
To fufill your heart desire.

Your memories makes it restless;
My heart doesn't listen to me;
There's sweet intoxication;
Everything seem a blur;
My heart doesn't know a thing.

It belonged to me but now a stranger's;
Just don't understand;
Sometimes, it's silent; other times, it sings aloud;
It sings of your praise;
Are you real or are you just an illusion?

You dwell in me;
In my heart, like life;
Just like raindrop in the desert;
like a story;
That conveys from the heart.

When it sees you;
It runs after you with me;
It's obsessed with you;
You're it's peace;

You should know that it's crazy about you.

Though unexpected are the melodies that come;
When  the heart goes crazy;
But I wish the memories never come crushing;
Like the waves in the ocean;
Because like the eclipse, the darkness come.
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